‘Those disgusting paparazzi should leave Kate Middleton alone’ insists man frantically searching the Internet for the picture they took

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A man has insisted today that the Princess of Wales should be left alone and not photographed by disgusting and invasive paparazzi, whilst frantically searching the internet to see the photo they managed to get of her.

Simon Williams, who thinks that the Princess deserves privacy, and that people should mind their own business, revealed his frustrations earlier whilst scouring through Twitter looking for the photo of the Princess just so he could see what all the fuss is about.

Speaking earlier he raged “I finally found the photo, and it’s disgusting how these people can invade this person’s privacy like that, just so some sad bastards can look at her photo.

“It’s shameful really, the lady is clearly recovering from an illness and people should not be posting photographs of her on the Internet for other people to look at, which they can finally find after approximately fifteen minutes of intense searching.

“I mean it’s all these conspiracy theorists and people all over Twitter or whatever it’s called posting their stupid theories that make me angry.

“I sat there and read hundreds of them this morning and I was absolutely fuming by the end of it, after a good hour and a half of reading. They should just leave her alone.”

Asked if he thinks people should stop speculating about her private life altogether and leave her to recover, we were told, “Definitely, especially since Wills has had an affair. I read that on Twitter.”