Man’s attempt to give up sarcasm for Lent going SO well

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A jaded man’s attempt to give up sarcasm for Lent is going REALLY well, it has emerged.

Simon Williams, an unemployed spoon-bender from Little Arseworth in Berkshire, decided to give up sarcasm for Lent after being told by friends that he was constantly and unbearably sarcastic in day to day life.

“Oh come on, I’m NEVER sarcastic,” he told us, rolling his eyes then grinning at his own inimitable wit.

He explained, “All of my friends tell me that I need to change as they’re fed up with my sarcastic observations.

“Well changing one’s personality is the EASIEST thing in the world, isn’t it? Not hard at all!”

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He went on, “Still, I’m giving it up for Lent, because being told by your nearest and dearest that you annoy people on a near-constant basis really does motivate you to change, eh?

“Thanks a BUNCH, guys.”

It remains to be seen whether Mr Williams is capable of giving up sarcasm for the rest of Lent, but he has been told that if he doesn’t, he can easily pick up a job writing for an online satire site.

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