Sunak and Biden delighted with opportunity to flex some military might during an election year

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Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak are celebrating today after being given the opportunity to get people thinking about war during an election year.

“War is terrible. Unless you’re behind in the polls during an election year, then it’s brilliant,” explained a Downing Street insider.

“Nothing gets the patriotic juices flowing quite like bombs, missiles and guns, and so the opportunity to use all of these now, just a few months before a general election, is just brilliant.

“Rishi might even be able to wear military fatigues and everything. This is the best news ever.”

It was a sentiment echoed across the pond.

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White House official Chuck Williams told us, “Joe is already having to play defence against Donald Trump – who isn’t even the Republican nominee yet – so being able to talk about a nice patriotic war is just brilliant.

“People say they don’t like war, but they do really, especially the ones where it’s just ships and jets firing missiles at targets in what is essentially ‘the dessert’. We love stuff like that. Especially if the missiles have cameras attached. It makes excellent late-night viewing.

“You watch, our polling numbers will bounce back so strongly you’ll think they took viagra.”

It is expected the military operations in Yemen will continue until the pre-election focus groups begins asking ‘Post Office scandal? What Post Office scandal?’