Confused Joe Biden starts bombing Hootie and the Blowfish

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A presidential order to commence bombing the ‘Hooties’ last night has turned out to be bad news for a mostly forgotten 90s rock band.

After the Yemeni Houthis began indiscriminately firing on shipping in the Red Sea, an international coalition was formed to protect transit.

However, President Biden heard ‘Houthi’ and got completely the wrong end of the stick.

“It was kinda sad,” White House spokesman Simon-Bobb Williams told us.

“We knew the President’s brain is basically jam at this stage, but to see him ranting about Cracked Read View and the episode of Friends where Ross goes to a party with them was sad to see.

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”Still, an order is an order when it comes from the President, so we dispatched the USS Abraham Lincoln to South Carolina and commenced strafing runs with immediate effect.”

However, The Houthis have this morning issued a statement saying they’re very sorry but they misheard and thought they were attacking Muse.