Man had Quality Street for breakfast this morning

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Starting the New Year by breakfasting on leftover Quality Street is perfectly normal, it has emerged today.

Although New Year resolutions include eating right, cutting out processed sugar and taking more exercise, that doesn’t really count until tomorrow.

Local man Simon Williams, whose first meal of 2024 involved shoogling through the quality street tin in the hope there might be something left that wasn’t toffees or those weird blue ones, said, “When you think about it chocolate is a bean so I’m starting the year as I mean to go on.

”And it’s milk chocolate, and milk is healthy too, yeah? It’s like I’m just eating densely-packed porridge or something like that. I just put them all in a bowl and poured baileys on them.

“Holy crap, someone missed a green triangle. You lose, suckers.

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”For lunch I’ll probably have something with nuts in, for the protein. There’s still half a box of Ferrero Rocher left so they’ll do.”