‘I absolutely LOVE sprouts’ insists man who hasn’t eaten a single sprout since 25th December 2022

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A man has insisted today that he absolutely loves Brussels sprouts and they are just his favourite despite not eating a single Brussels sprout since 25th December 2022.

Simon Williams, who also really likes parsnips despite never actually buying them, revealed his complete and utter love for sprouts earlier after heading to the supermarket to buy some just as he did 12 months ago, and 12 months prior to that.

Speaking earlier he told us, “OH MY GOD! I absolutely LOVE sprouts I could eat them every day!

“Which is why I haven’t even considered buying any since approximately this time a full year ago.

“And why I never even consider them when I am making a Sunday dinner every other week of the year apart from Christmas day, where they are obviously essential, because they are so tasty.

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“I mean they are just gorgeous, and so are parsnips, so I hope they don’t run out as it would just totally ruin everything because I love them so much.”

Asked if he would consider buying some sprouts throughout the year to eat, because they are so utterly gorgeous we were told, “Nah. Don’t want to ruin it.”