Opinion: How can you be qualified to comment on men’s football if you’ve never shoved a lit cigar in the eye of a youth player?

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Joey Barton has questioned the authority of women presenters in men’s football, insisting they don’t have the qualifications required to talk about the game when they’ve never assaulted a single youth player.

Barton has been widely criticised for insisting women aren’t qualified to commentate or present men’s football, but has sought to clarify his position by insisting that it’s just a matter of experience.

He explained, “These women have never done anything in the men’s game, so how can anything think they have the necessary authority required to talk about it on television? It’s ridiculous.

“Everyone knows you can’t offer the viewers any insight if you’ve not played at the very highest level in the men’s game.

“All the presenting greats have had that top level experience. Des Lynam won multiple league titles, John Motson won a European Cup, Mark Chapman has two FA Cups – these are people with a successful track record of playing in the men’s professional game, and so they CAN speak with authority about it. Alex Scott doesn’t even have a single premier league appearance to her name. It’s a disgrace.

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“None of these women know what’s it’s like inside the men’s game, what it’s like in the changing room, or how it feels to push a flaming tube of tobacco into the eye socket of a teenager. So how can you possibly expect them to offer any opinion on whether the goalkeeper should have done better for Erling Haaland’s latest goal?

“Insisting women can have jobs where they’re paid for their opinions on men’s football is just woke nonsense. Yes it is, shut up, or I’ll prove I’m right by shoving this cigar in your eye.”

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