Santa refused right to deliver presents in the UK because he doesn’t earn £38,700

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Children across the country have been left reeling after Santa Claus was refused the right to work in the UK this Christmas due to his earnings not reaching the new £38,700 minimum level required of foreign workers.

Sources close to Mr Claus suggest that his annual income, primarily derived from cookie and milk donations, falls significantly short of the newly imposed requirements.

The announcement from the North Pole came after the UK government introduced stringent income criteria for workers entering the country, in a bid to “ensure only the highest earning foreign workers are able spread cheer on British soil.”

Santa’s traditional role of delivering presents, apparently, does not qualify as a ‘high-income’ profession under the new rules.

In a press conference held at the North Pole, a visibly shaken Santa Claus, dressed in his iconic red suit, expressed his disappointment.

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He told those gathered, “Ho, Ho, Ho-no! I’ve been delivering presents to the good children of the UK for centuries without any issues. It seems even Christmas magic can’t bypass the current government’s desire to demonise foreign workers.”

The decision has sparked outrage and confusion among the British public. Parents are scrambling to explain to their children why Santa might not be stopping by this year, while economists are puzzling over how to quantify the economic impact of joy and goodwill, concepts which Home Office officials have dismissed as ‘woke socialist nonsense’.

Meanwhile, the government has suggested that British families may need to look for alternative Christmas present delivery services that comply with the new income regulations.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister added, “We understand the sentimental value of Mr Claus’ work, but rules are rules. Maybe he can consider a side hustle to boost his earnings? Maybe start charging all of those shopping centres a licensing fee?”

As the news spreads, social media has erupted with hashtags like #LetSantaIn and #ChristmasWithoutBorders, with many calling for an exception to be made for the jolly old elf.

However, the government has insisted that if Santa tries to cross the border illegally, he will be immediately sent to Rwanda.