Irish patriots congratulated on their nuanced articulation of the issues surrounding immigration using the medium of ‘arson and looting’

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Irish patriots have been lauded across the Internet for their persuasive argument against immigration, using nothing more than molotov cocktails and a bit of light looting.

Just days after Dublin saw riots in the streets following the stabbing of some young children outside a pre-school, Irish patriots have been congratulated for bring out the best in everyone.

Seamus Williams told us, “What better way to show you understand the economic and societal complexities surrounding immigration on the emerald isle than by setting fire to bus?

“There are no words that could more accurately convey our concerns than running down the street with a dozen jackets snatched through the broken window of the local fashion emporium.

“I could say that Ireland with uncontrolled immigration, Ireland will become a desolate wasteland and ruin, or I can set fire to everything and show you what that looks like.

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“A picture paints a thousand words, and I think all those pictures of us fighting with police, setting fire to vehicles and looting stores put our point across better than any essay ever could.

“Yes, it did. Shut up, or I’ll prove I’m right by setting fire to your car.”