Cyborg speaks to humanoid about AI development

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A scary cyborg with no emotion or feelings has had a conversation with a crazy humanoid hell-bent on taking over the world at a summit on AI development.

Rishi Sunak, who is believed to 84% robot sat down this week with his humanoid counterpart Elon Musk who is based on a real life man to discuss AI safety at a meeting at Downing Street yesterday.

Describing the meeting earlier, one of the few journalists allowed present at the meeting, Simon Williams told us, “It was scary. There was literally no human emotion present at all.

“I was allowed inside to watch the meeting between these two amazing machines, and it was completely surreal. They were just talking to each other like actual human beings. If you didn’t know in advance that they were emotionless automatons, you could have been convinced they were human.

“They held a coherent conversation as if they were both real people.  One of then even tried to crack a joke.

“It didn’t work, obviously, as AI is still in the early developments of humour, but they tried, and it seemed pretty realistic.

“Thankfully none of them tried to kill the other or anything and everything seemed to go OK.

“We just need to be really careful, because as soon as you start giving machines like this power to make decisions which affect people’s lives, we are in big trouble.”

Asked if he was aware that one of the machines runs an actual country, we were told, “F**k off! Which one?  Not the little one with the dead eyes? He scared me.”