Dominic Cummings late for Covid enquiry after crashing into a castle on the way

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Dominic Cummings arrived late for his Covid Enquiry interview today after crashing into a castle en route.

Boris Johnson’s former advisor was set to face questions earlier this morning, but proceedings were delayed after he drove right into a large castle while trying test his eyesight.

A spokesperson for Mr Cummings confirmed, “He didn’t see it.

“We can confirm that, unfortunately, Mr Cummings arrived late for today’s interview after crashing right into a massive castle on his drive to the enquiry.

“He was debating whether to drive to the enquiry at all as he couldn’t quite see properly.

“So he decided to do a thorough test of his eyes and promptly got in his car and headed to the closest castle.

“Unfortunately, his eyesight was a bit worse than he thought, and he crashed right into the castle’s front gate, causing a substantial delay on his journey.”

Asked if Mr Cummings planned on telling the truth during his questioning, we were told, “I very much doubt it, to be honest.”