Study reveals creative people more likely to believe stupid left brain/right brain tests

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A new study has revealed that creative people are much more likely to believe stupid internet tests about whether or not you’re left or right ‘brained’.

“We got an equal proportion of people who described themselves as ‘normal’ and people who described themselves as ‘creative’,” said Eleanor Gay, a professor of stupid Internet science from Oxford University.

“The normal people sat at desks normally, whilst the more ‘creative’ people sat on scatter cushions, lit candles and took time to ‘centre’ themselves.

“We then gave them all one of the popular left brain/right brain tests that are regularly shared on Facebook.”

The results were stunning, and very clear.

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“All the normal people immediately recognised the test for the bogus nonsense that they so clearly are and got up, ate the complimentary sandwiches and chatted amongst themselves before leaving to get on with their lives.

“But the so-called ‘creative’ people took time to complete the test, deliberately selecting the answers that would prove how creative they are, and when finished, declared themselves to be ‘right-brained’.”

Simon Williams was one of the ‘right-brained’ participants.

“Yeah, it turns out that I’m actually ‘right-brained,’ which means that I’m actually really, really creative. Probably more creative than you.”

The results of the study are expected to prove useful in helping normal people avoid the sort of people who claim to be ‘working on a short-story, actually’.

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