GB News joins the Wokerati

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GB News has joined the lefty-liberal wokerati, according to reports this afternoon.

The right-wing free-speech defending ‘news’ channel has fallen to a leftist communist ideology, according to all of the presenters it has suspended over the last 24 hours, who is no .

“This woke madness must end!” explained Calvin Robinson, the fake vicar who regularly appears on the channel to directly contradict the teachings of Jesus, and the latest free-speech-loving GB News presenter to be suspended.

“Even GB News has joined the Woke blob. They’re no doubt enjoying lunches of soggy tofu and reading The Guardian to each other in their leather-bound armchairs.

“To the untrained eye, it might look like I’m simply dismissing as ‘woke’ anyone who fails to behave exactly as I say they should, but that’s because you don’t know what to look for. I am an expert in spotting the wokerati.

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“Where you see a right-wing propaganda channel that has suspended presenters who have left it exposed to the industry regulator with their on-air behaviour, I see a leftist organisation more worried about adhering to the laws of the land than protecting the the principle of free speech for the British people.

“Unless they give me back my lucrative presenter job, they’ll be cool again. Obviously.”

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