One-day time management course could easily have been taught in one hour

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The recently completely full-day training course on Time Management could easily have been taught in an hour, according to the attendees this morning.

Simon Williams, a 35-year-old office administrator from Basingstoke, said that the course itself had lots of useful tips, but that they could all comfortably have been crammed into the session before the first coffee.

He told us, “I get it, it’s difficult to charge £1,500 per delegate for a training course if you’re all done by 10:30, but they need to start basing their value on things accomplished, rather than time sat behind a desk – I learned that 9:23.

“Fifty minutes of every hour seemed to be spent hammering home a point we all got within the first ten minutes. I don’t know if they normally teach idiots, or if they themselves are idiots, but either way, they spent far too long on the task of teaching us how to avoid spending far too long on tasks.

“By 10:10 I had already learned that this was going to be a waste of my time.”

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Course leader Michael Smith told us, “Could I teach this course in an hour? Of course I could, I’ve become very good at what I do.

“And I even told the company that I could teach everyone everything they needed to know in an hour, but apparently, if I spend the whole day doing it, they can use the full day towards their professional development targets.

“Honestly, for the amount they paid me, I’d have sat in the room all day teaching them how to knit on company time.”

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