Kids party ruined by pissed adults on bouncy castle

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A child’s birthday celebration was spoiled at the weekend when a load of drunk grown ups hijacked the bouncy castle.

Little Jake Williams had been looking forward to his fifth birthday party for weeks – he was going to be having a bouncy castle in his very own garden, and all his friends were going to be there.

Sadly for Jake, after about ten minutes of innocent and joyful bouncing, all the children were shoved aside because the mums and dads had been on the sauce, and this looked like ‘bloody good fun’.

“Don’t judge me,” said one parent after the event. “I spend most of my precious weekends attending these f**king things and I have to find some way to survive.”

What started out as tipsy shenanigans soon turned hazardous when Jake’s father challenged some of the other dads to a ‘who can jump the highest’ competition.

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They had to put a stop to the game when two incidents occurred almost simultaneously: a collision of heads led to a concussion and broken nose, and Jake’s uncle Keith managed to bounce out of the castle straight onto the barbecue.

Then Emily’s mum, who was wearing a skirt, landed on Theo’s dad’s face. There followed a vicious altercation with Theo’s mother, who accused the ‘silly slag tart’ of taking her time to get up.

Needless to say, all the parents went home in tears as their bemused offspring held their hands and did their best to provide comfort.

Responding with a child’s resilience, Jake said he’d like to go to an indoor trampoline centre for his next birthday.

“Bring it on!” screamed Jake’s dad with a bottle of Peroni in one hand and a tie wrapped around his forehead.

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