Man continues building extensive library of tweets in support of Dan Wootton that will eventually have to be deleted on the advice of crisis management consultant

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A man is today continuing in his mission to tell everyone on Twitter how much he thinks of Dan Wootton as a person and a professional, unaware he is just creating more work for himself when he is inevitably advised to delete them all.

Simon Williams, who claims to have once had a brief working relationship with Wootton, has continued to defend the Kiwi presenter after further evidence was published of his catfishing exploits.

“I’ve always found Dan to be a kind and considerate colleague,” continued Williams.

“He’s a good guy deep down, and people need to ignore the salacious rumours and focus on the fact that right now, he’s been proven guilty of nothing.

“He’s a true professional and a credit to journalism.”

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Media consultant Jason Matthews told us, “Those tweets will be gone by Christmas. Definitely. Deleted as if they were never there.

“Wootton has already been suspended by the Daily Mail, who have a very high bar for employing demonstrable wrong’uns, so they obviously know something worse is coming and they’re keen to disassociate themselves from him.

“If the Daily Mail doesn’t want to touch you, you know it’s bad.

“Tweets in support of Dan Wootton will one day hold all the social cachet of a selfie with Jimmy Savile.

“When the inevitable happens, and Wootton is fully exposed and subject to all sorts of legal trouble, I expect Simon will probably pivot to positioning himself as a victim of Wootton.

“That’s what I would advise him to do, for a fee.”

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