New series of Squid Game reveals shock twist

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The second series of Squid Game will see a surprise change of logo for the oppressive global cabal, according to a new trailer leaked today.

The series is about a group of bored, immensely wealthy people playing games with the lives of ordinary people for their own amusement, and the rebrand suggests a change in direction in the form their dark games will take.

“In the first series, we just had people fighting to the death and jumping over glass bridges,” said Korean showrunner, Will Sim-On.

“But this time, the games masters also troll contestants and mess with their settings to make your day – every day – incrementally worse.

“People voluntarily sign up to play the game – now known as ‘X’ – because their lives are empty of meaning, and they need something, anything to keep them feeling alive,” Sim-On added.

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“But all they get is more misery and emptiness whilst their attention is milked for ad revenue.”

Despite the evil of the game organisers being front and centre, critics say they can’t be that bad as they’re not using the Microsoft Edge logo.