Man’s birthday means he gets to hold the family gift voucher for a while

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A man has received the family gift voucher for his birthday and now has custody of it until he has to pass it on to the next relative to have a birthday.

The best presents demonstrate thought and caring – the giver has really taken the time to consider what the recipient would like and picked out something unique to their tastes and little idiosyncrasies.

However, gift vouchers are just so f**king easy, aren’t they? And after all, it’s only a gesture. And who wouldn’t like to pick out exactly what they want with a totally flexible gift voucher?

Such is the attitude of the Williams family, who simply pass around a £30 gift voucher each time a birthday arrives.

“People go on about flexibility, but actually, the best thing about receiving a gift voucher is that it totally removes the pressure of buying a reciprocal present,” Simon Williams explained.

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“All I have to do to show the same level of love and consideration is to give them back a voucher of equal value. The exact same voucher, in fact.

“Just because someone is a close relative I’ve known for my entire life, it doesn’t mean I’m not completely distant from them.

“For example, I haven’t got a f**king clue what my sister or mother like, what their hobbies are, what they need or what they’ve already got.

“The beauty with Amazon vouchers is that you can just use the gift you’ve received to pay for the next person’s voucher, all while sitting on the sofa munching Haribos in your pyjamas.

“If helping to normalise that lack of effort and affection isn’t love, then I don’t know what is.”