Mum of four being treated for shock after she ‘completes’ laundry

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Gemma Williams, a 43-year-old mother of four from Doncaster, couldn’t believe her eyes when early on Friday afternoon, she was unable to find a single item of dirty laundry in the whole house.

“It were mental,” explained Gemma.

“I’d seen the forecast looked sunny, so I hung the laundry outside, and it dried almost as fast as I could hang it. I put another wash on, then another. Before I knew it, there were nothing left. At that point, I came over all light-headed.”

Gemma’s husband Simon, who found her collapsed in the living room, said, “It just didn’t make sense. I assumed she’d been on ‘mummy’s special happy juice’.

“But sure enough, we went around the house together, even in the kids’ rooms, and there was nothing. Not even a crusty sock under our eldest’s bed.”

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Some people are sceptical of Gemma’s unprecedented achievement, believing it may be nothing more than an elaborate hoax designed to make normal people feel bad about their lives.

One local mother stated, “Everyone knows that you can’t finish all the laundry. Especially when you’ve got kids. It’s ridiculous.

“If you’re going to go around making stuff up just to get attention, then at least make it vaguely believable.”

Family and friends gathered round to defend Gemma, with one cousin saying, “Fair play to her. Lots of things have been done that people said couldn’t be done. Man going to the moon. Ozzy Osbourne living into his seventies. All sorts. Just add this to the list, I say.”

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