Natwest is clearly accepting of all political beliefs because they offered me a bank account, insists Nigel Farage

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Nigel Farage has insisted that Natwest has proven itself to be politically unbiased after it offered him a bank account following his account closure by Coutts.

Farage told his GB News viewer, “There are some idiots out there who still believe I was cancelled by Natwest group because they closed my Coutts account following an annual review by their reputation committee which discussed my politics, Brexit, and my position is a Politically Exposed Person.

“Well, let me put the record straight. The reality is they offered me a Natwest bank account after closing my Coutts one, which they wouldn’t have done if I was being cancelled by the Natwest Group for my political beliefs.

“The unfortunate truth is that some of the people at Coutts don’t like me, they think I’m a divisive character and bad for their brand. Which is all true, obviously. Fortunately for them, I made it extremely easy for them to close my account there because I didn’t have enough money in it. Silly me.

“If I had three-million quid in the bank, I would probably still be a Coutts customer today, whether they like me or not, and you would never have heard anything about this.

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“But unfortunately, I don’t have three million quid in the bank, so I’ll have to take my divisive opinions and go and bank with Natwest like you normal plebs.”

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