I am being hounded over nothing but unsubstantiated allegations, insists man who made his career hounding people with unsubstantiated allegations

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Dan Wootton insists the media establishment is trying to take him down over a series of unsubstantiated allegations, seemingly unaware that his entire career is based on promoting exactly this type of allegation.

Wootton used his GB News show to explain how his enemies are out to get him by sharing accusations that he repeatedly catfished men by offering large sums of money for sexually explicit photos.

Wootton told his viewers, “Unproven allegations have no place in the British media, unless I’m the one writing them and petitioning my tabloid editor for a front-page slot to ensure they get seen by as many people as possible.

“The accusations against me are absolutely vile, and something I would never do.

“I have never even heard of Marting Branning, but what he is alleged to have done is awful. Yes, I suggested Huw Edwards should be suspended immediately while the BBC looked into accusations that he had offered someone large sums of money for sexually explicit photos – but this is different.

“Yes, I am being accused of offering someone large sums of money to people for sexually explicit photos, but this allegation also involves cat-fishing, so it’s very different.

“I am the real victim here, and I will keep insisting that is the case right up until some irrefutable evidence appears in the public domain, at which point I will pivot to an emotional mea culpa, take some time out of the media spotlight and then return a ‘changed man’ to my adoring fan base.

“And if such evidence never appears, then I will carry on regardless, obviously.”