Internet frantically guessing which BBC presenter isn’t a nonce

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The internet is giddy with guesses as to which BBC presenter isn’t into kids.

With the latest revelation that ███████ asked for ███████ ████ from ███████ before ███████ with a ███████, the general public is reduced to guessing which BBC presenter ISN’T a raging nonce.

“I really want to say David Attenborough, but you can’t ever be sure can you,” shrugged viewer, Simon Williams.

“I always thought that Rolf Harris seemed like a top bloke, and he was super into animals as well, wasn’t he? You just never know.”

Hayley Rice offered her guess with, “I’m pretty confident Fiona Bruce is innocent.

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“I’m really sure that someone trusted to read the news couldn’t possibly be dodgy. They’re just such stalwarts of truth and decency.

“Where’s ███████ ████, by the way? Feels like he’s not been around for ages.”

A spokesperson for the BBC said, “This is all quite childish, and not in a way that turns on many of our presenters.

“There are at least eight BBC presenters I know of who definitely aren’t into kids. That’s quite a lot; it’s nearly double figures you know.”