Woman manages to keep her cool at family BBQ whilst speaking to elderly male relative about feminism

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In a stunning display of self-restraint and composure, a woman named Simone Williams managed to navigate a potentially explosive conversation about feminism with her elderly male relative, Uncle Fred, at a family BBQ last weekend.

Witnesses were left in awe as Williams gracefully danced through the minefield of gender equality, all while savouring her grilled burger.

As Williams carefully chose her words, she could sense a storm brewing. Uncle Fred, who is known to use phrases such as “I’m not racist but…,” “back in my day,” and “you can’t say anything these days,” began his rant when Sarah’s cousin, a woman, was in charge of grilling. 

Instead of losing her cool, Williams skilfully swatted every problematic phrase and sexist comment right back at him with the mastery of her namesake Serena. It was a masterclass in diplomacy.

But the true test came when Uncle Fred made a feeble attempt to dismiss the feminist movement as unnecessary, citing his belief that women already had it “pretty good”.

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Williams, undeterred, seized the opportunity to educate him on the persistent gender wage gap, the underrepresentation of women in leadership roles, and the prevalence of everyday sexism. All the while, she never spilt a drop of her drink.

She is already being eyed up by the UN for a senior diplomatic role.

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