Man’s Spanish holiday completely ruined after finding out it’s warm and sunny at home

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A man has had his holiday to Spain completely ruined today, after finding out it is still quite sunny at home.

Simon Williams, who travelled to Spain on Monday, to spend ten days in the sunshine with his wife, revealed it had been ruined this morning after finding out from Facebook that everyone was enjoying lovely weather in England. 

Speaking earlier, he told us, “I’ve checked on the weather app, and it’s true. For GOD’S sake!

“We saved up for months for this holiday, and now it’s totally shit. What a waste of money. I can’t believe we have come all this way for nothing.

“We may as well have stayed at home because it’s sunny there anyway so that makes this holiday a complete waste of time and absolutely shite.

“Fingers crossed, it will start to go a bit cloudy at home tomorrow and maybe start to rain, so we can start to have a good time here.”

Asked if he had checked the weather app for the rest of the week in the UK, we were told, “No – I’ll just have a look now… Oh F**K OFF!”

Now it’s too hot – get the T-shirt!