Remember that Observational Comedy? What was all that about?

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Remember that Observational Comedy? That was weird. What was all that about?

You’d get someone ask if you’d heard of a thing, or remembered something. Then they’d tell you that the thing was a bit strange or unusual for whatever reason. Then they’d say things like “which is actually really weird, if you think about it” or “what was all that about?”

Do you remember how it didn’t have any jokes? It was just someone asking if you remembered things or had noticed things, there were no gags or punchlines or anything like that which is actually really weird if you think about it. What was all that about?

I mean, you might get observations that were a bit interesting, and might even make you smile a little, but it was actually more like a quiz than a form of comedy – ‘Do you remember space hoppers?’, ‘What about Spangles? Do you remember them?’, ‘Have you ever seen a goth with a tan?’ And you’d be there going ‘back off, man, I just came out to watch a comic and have a bit of a laugh, not to be hassled with all these questions.’

It was really popular for a while. Everyone was doing observational comedy. Couldn’t go to the pub without someone asking if you remembered Hardcastle & McCormick or had noticed that men never look at each other when they have a wee. Now, you don’t really see it any more.

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