Football fan left conflicted as FA Cup final pits team he hates against team owned by regime he despises

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Football fan Simon Williams has admitted his difficulty ahead of today’s FA Cup Final, insisting that believes he will be left absolutely devastated by whoever wins.

The English season’s showcase will be contested by Manchester United, a team historically despised by neutrals across the land, against Manchester City, a team recently despised by neutrals across the land due to the financial doping by their owners which has bought them success.

He told us, “It is objectively brilliant whenever Man Utd lose, because of their completely unwarranted arrogance – but at the same time, it’s objectively brilliant when Man City lose because it means all of their financial cheating has failed.

“Watching the awful Bruno Fernandes losing would make my heart soar, but watching the awful Abu Dhabi owners celebrating would make my heart sink. God knows what I’m supposed to feel about the result.

“During the actual match, I can imagine myself both cheering and booing every single tackle, shot or goal.”

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“Are we absolutely sure there is no little-known VAR rule that could mean both sides lose?”

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