Piers Morgan admits its time to end the relentless persecution of Meghan Markle because ‘she hasn’t committed any crime and she’s not a government minister’

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Piers Morgan has shocked followers on social media by insisting it is time for the media to end its persecution of Meghan Markle, because it is obviously taking its toll on her, she hasn’t committed any crime, and she isn’t a government minister.

The move comes after Morgan had a long hard look in the mirror this morning and realised his relentless attacks on a woman in the pursuit of clicks and views were not the actions of a good person.

“All it took was for a middle-aged white man who is famous for presenting television to be hounded by the press for a few days to realise that my multiple years of actively pursuing every possible avenue to criticise Meghan was probably a bit much.

“I told people they should leave Philip Schofield alone because he hasn’t committed a crime, and he’s not a government minister – but then I realised the same is true of Meghan.

“Obviously I would be a massive hypocrite if I continued harassing Meghan after taking this position with Philip, so today it ends. I will no longer be obsessed with Meghan and criticise everything she does, or doesn’t do.

“Well, unless she fails to come out in support of Philip as well, in which case that selfish bitch deserves what’s coming to her.”

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