Famous man who had affair with much younger female colleague suffers few consequences

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A man who had an affair with a much younger female colleague has suffered few consequences, according to reports this morning.

Simon Williams, a presenter on ITV’s popular Get Up F**kers morning show, admitted earlier this week that he slept with a much younger female member of the production staff on several occasions.

Whilst the news initially appeared on the front page of the Sun, alongside a picture of Williams looking a bit sad, the story was soon supplanted in the national consciousness with much more important things.

Whilst Williams hasn’t presented the show this week, he is expected to be back at work as normal on Monday.

“Yes, what I did was perhaps foolish, but not illegal,” he said. The majority of the press and the public agreed. Whilst the girl was younger, she was above the age of consent at the time of the affair.

“I’ll probably do a thing where I walk along holding hands with the wife and kids, then maybe a tearful bit to camera on Monday, and it’ll all be forgotten by the end of next week.”

Most people agreed that although it wasn’t very nice to his wife, she should probably expect that sort of thing being married to someone famous and, ultimately, people do much worse.

Naturally, if it had been an affair with a much younger man, then Williams should have been thrown in prison for the rest of his life with his balls cut off.

But it wasn’t, so that’s fine.