National Conservatives demand Holocaust Remembrance Day be renamed Muck-up Day

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In the wake of a stirring speech by noted non-historian Douglas Murray, attendees at the National Conservative jamboree agreed that Nazism was too often used to browbeat the far right and that the extermination of millions is better understood as unfortunate clumsiness.

Simon Williams, Daily Telegraph correspondent and a World War 2 re-enactor who doesn’t like saying who he dresses up as, explained that focusing on Third Reich ideology was part of a “woke politicisation of history by out-of-touch academics.”

He went on, “Every day in our schools, children are being brainwashed into thinking that labelling entire groups as subhumans, with a secret agenda to destroy all we hold dear, is somehow connected to the mass murder perpetrated by the Nazi regime.

“We all know the key thing about the atrocities in world war 2 is the nationality of the perpetrators. All we want is for everyone to stop making a big deal about the ideas that paved the road to Auschwitz and, instead, laugh at the Germans for being crap at nationalism.

“We’d laugh at the Italians too, but we kind of like their government at the moment.”

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Mr Williams denied that there was any strategy behind the National Conservative conference’s many similarities to Nazi symbolism.

“More paranoid lefty nonsense! Next you’ll suggest we deliberately chose a name that can be abbreviated to NatC so we’ll be barraged by easily denied accusations of fascism which in turn muddles the field for ideas which are genuinely dangerous. Or that we do it as a dog-whistle to neo-nazi psychos.”

Mr Williams added that he was making a documentary about the rally that can be found on the National Conservatives’ brand-new Youtube channel, TriumphOfTheWill88.