I only argued MPs who switch party should call a by-election because I didn’t know I would do it, insists Andrew Bridgen

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Andrew Bridgen has joined Laurence Fox’s Reclaim Party, despite insisting any MP switching party during a parliamentary term should call a by-election.

However, the diminutive purveyor of fake news and conspiracy theories, who a judge accused of lying under oath, is refusing to call a by-election because of course he is.

Bridgen explained, “I’m not mad; I know I’d have my arse handed to me by the electorate in a by-election, so there is no way I’m going to call one.

“Yes, I know I said that’s what should happen, but that was when people like Anna Soubry were leaving the Tories to become the Independent Group. This is VERY different because it’s me joining the Reclaim Party.

“I’ll stand at the next election, and I’ll lose horribly, and I’ll blame the media elites, and big pharma, and the wokerati, and god knows who else – but until then, I’m staying as an MP, and I will continue my hard work on behalf of all the radicalised simpletons that follow me on Twitter.

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“Remember, it’s easy to appear popular on social media where there are billions of users. Hell, even a second-rate satire site like NewsThump has seven times more followers than I have constituents. Social media isn’t the real world.

“Fortunately for me, lunatics and conspiracy theorists all stick together online, so I look like I have huge support on social media – but when the time comes to ask the people of North West Leicestershire for their vote, I have no doubt they will reject me in their droves as the fringe candidate I so clearly am.

“But Laurence tells me he’ll put me in his next music video when this all inevitably collapses, so it’s win-win!”