Homeopath refuses to accept heavily diluted payment

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A homeopathic practitioner has caused a huge stir with one of his most regular clients, by refusing to accept a heavily diluted form of payment.

The unnamed practitioner was owed thousands of pounds for past treatments by client Simon Williams, who then offered an “insulting” penny as remuneration.

Mr Williams insisted that the penny, although only a small fraction of the value of the bill, was more than sufficient. He explained that any homeopath would be most grateful for homeopathic pay for homeopathic treatments.

“The practitioner was exhibiting symptoms of requiring money. As he’s most aware, like cures like. It’s a single remedy, with it being a solitary coin.

“It’s the minimum possible dose of my bill. The total amount I owed has been diluted and succussed, so that in order to give the practitioner the true benefit of my payment, I’ve given him the penny. Also, the penny has been in contact with a lot of other money in the past, so it must have gained some of their higher-value properties.”

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The practitioner was absolutely furious and continued to demand the full amount. However, Mr Williams refused to back down.

He said, “I gave a completely fair amount. If the homeopath disagrees with me, then he’s a total charlatan.

“If he doesn’t want my payment, that’s fine because he said his work isn’t worth a penny.”

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