Woman who almost bankrupted a G7 nation in just nine days to give lecture on good fiscal management

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Liz Truss is heading stateside to give a speech to a right-wing Republican think tank on the lovely benefits of a low-tax fiscal policy that almost bankrupted Britain.

Britain’s shortest-serving prime minister is heading to Washington and will explain to a roomful of wealthy yet credulous simpletons that her low-tax policies are still the way to run a country, even though all of the available evidence points to the contrary.

Ticket holder Chuck Williams told us, “We are really excited to hear about Liz Truss’s vision for how a low-tax economy would work, and if you completely ignore that time she actually tried to implement her vision, then I think we can all agree her vision is extremely valuable.

“I would actually argue she wasn’t given long enough to prove that her preferred fiscal approach really works, and if she had stayed in power just a few more months, I am confident she would have been proven right.

“Yes, the UK might have been back in the dark ages by then, but it would have been a LOW TAX dark age, and that’s the most important thing.”

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