Woman who says she’s a ‘people pleaser’ unaware she is actively displeasing

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A woman who has entered therapy to confront her compulsive niceness is unaware she is actually a total twat.

Friends of the unnamed woman agree that rather than be a ‘people pleaser’, she is, in fact, prone to upset, disquiet and even enrage them at almost every opportunity.

‘Best friend’ Sharon, 40, told reporters, “I don’t even know where to start. Once, she drove me to A and E because I’d broken my leg and insisted on £2.80 for petrol before she let me out of the car.

“In the past, she has also suggested I needed a nose job, eaten all my cheese without asking, and once told my 3-year-old daughter her hair looked crap.”

Other friends agree she is a ‘f**king nightmare’.

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Sister-in-law Kerry, 32, said, “She helped organise my hen do and insisted on us all going skiing even though I’ve got dodgy knees and don’t like the cold.

“Plus, it cost £500 each, and we covered her share to compensate her for all the time she’d spent planning it. I’m actually considering divorcing her brother just to get her out of my life.”

The woman’s therapist concurred, telling us, “Jesus, she’s a pain in the arse. I just nod at her bullshit now though. On the plus side, I’m getting £55 an hour, so to be honest, she can say any old shit she likes.”