Couple’s standoff over who empties the food waste bin enters 174th day

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A couple’s bitter standoff over whose turn it is to empty the food waste bin at their home has entered its 174th day today.

Husband and wife Simon and Sharon Williams, whose cupboard under the sink now smells like a human has died in there, have refused to change the container for the last 24 weeks because it’s definitely not their turn, apparently.

Speaking earlier, wife Sharon revealed, “I’m not doing it, no f**king chance. It’s his bloody turn.

“Not only did I change the horrible smelly thing last time, I also did it the time before that as well, definitely. I remember frigging doing it.

“We agreed last year that we were going to take turns in doing this as it’s the shittest job in the house.

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“But every single time it’s his turn to change it, he pretends it’s not even full.

“It’s definitely full now, it’s starting to smell really bad, and it’s been overly full for almost fifteen pissing weeks, so he needs to get the thing emptied, the lazy useless twat, because I am NOT doing it.”

Asked to comment on the standoff, husband Simon chuckled, “She’ll do it. Just watch…..”

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