Daily Mail teases readers with fact-based article for April Fool’s Day

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Readers of the popular tabloid took to social media to try and ascertain which 1st of April story was a well-researched piece of unbiased reporting hidden among the usual fare of rabble-rousing drivel written by creepy alcoholics.

Simon Williams, a red-faced harrumpher and Daily Mail subscriber said that trying to find actual journalism in the tabloid’s page was a cherished tradition among his peers but that the paper was becoming more cunning each year.

“It used to be easy. You’d glance through the usual stories about Bulgarians raping NHS nurses because Brussels said it was their human right, and you’d find some informative piece accurately describing the impact of a new piece of legislation without so much as a claim that it was a threat to British society. But in recent years, they’ve gotten much harder to spot.

“Last year, they hid an accurate snippet about the various branches of Islam as a small info box within a larger article about how councils were banning Easter church services because it might offend Muslims. Hiding in plain sight. Like the Romanians.”

Mr Williams said he enjoyed what Mail readers call the ‘Easter egg hunt’ and that this year the paper had offered several good options.

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“It’s a pickle. There’s one piece about how Brexit has made the average UK family 40% richer already. That looks legit because the information comes from an Institute and those can’t be set up by any old idiot. But then again, there’s that article in the health section telling us how Marmite causes cancer.

“That one had a picture of someone in a lab coat.”

I think, therefore I am (not a Daily Mail reader)