Sovereign control of your border is only a good thing when we do it, insists Brexiter stuck at Dover

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Countries choosing to manage their borders in any way they see fit is only a good thing when we do it, according to Brexiters impacted by delays crossing the channel this weekend.

As severe problems at the Channel crossing were blamed on the French not dealing with British travellers quick enough, experts have asked those who value border sovereignty so much why they don’t like the French having it.

Simon Williams told us, “I voted for Brexit so we could have sovereign control of our borders – NOT so that France could have sovereign control of THEIRS.

“Just because we have chosen to make it harder for people from the EU to come here doesn’t mean the EU should be allowed to make it harder for us to go there. That’s just petty.

“What I want – no, what I voted for – is to keep all the good things and get rid of all the bad things. And that isn’t what happened, so it must be the fault of the French.”

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Meanwhile, non-morons have shaken their head slowly before sighing a response. As one explained, “We are now a ‘third country’ in EU terms, and that means limits on how long we can stay in the EU. Freedom of movement meant if you had a UK passport, you got a cursory check at the border and waved through to continue to wherever you wanted to go. No limits on where you went, or for how long.

“But now we don’t have free movement. So they check your passport. They check if you’ve been in the EU in the last 180 days, and for how long. Because now you’re only allowed to stay in the EU for 90 days every 180 days. And that information is all on your passport. Then they stamp your passport so next time it’s checked, at an EU border, they can see when you entered, to once again check against your 90-day allowance.

“So, yes, passport checks now take much longer than before. It might only take 30 seconds longer than before, but multiply that by thousands of travellers a day, and suddenly you see the issue.

“But hey, why let a little thing like reality hold you back from blaming everyone except yourself for your idiotic decision to leave the EU.”

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