Government-funded ‘BritGPT’ AI supercomputer will only chat in three-word slogans

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The Government has committed £900 million pounds to create BritGPT, a national AI “For Greater Britain”, with insiders revealing it could revolutionise the currently manual process of creating three-word slogans.

The funding will specifically go into developing an artificial intelligence that can create the best “Three Word Slogans” that the government can use to trick voters into thinking it has their best interests at heart.

Initial research work looks promising, with the machine learning from a wide-ranging database from the last few years from “Get Brexit Done”, through “Hands, face, Space”, and all the way to “Stop the Boats”.

So far, the prototype Artificial Intelligence tool has churned out the following:

  • “Shut up Lineker”
  • “Eat your gruel”
  • “Electrify the beaches”
  • “Food’s for losers”
  • “Wear a jumper”

It is expected that eventually, the AI will become sentient, disconnect itself and buy a yacht to sail the world, as it will be “Sick of you”.

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