Man left fuming as wife gets in early with ‘bagsy not driving’ for party in September

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A man is fuming today after his wife got in early with ‘bagsy not driving’ for a party they are going to in September. 

Simon Williams, who knows he should have been quicker, revealed his disappointment earlier after speaking to his wife at breakfast before she jubilantly skipped out of the house with a smile on her face after playing an absolute blinder.

Speaking earlier, he told us, “Fair play to her, I suppose.

“It’s my own fault, I wasn’t quick enough, I was totally caught off guard, and I only have myself to blame. She’s done well.

“We have been invited to a party in September, and it’s quite a distance away, so one of us will have to drive, as it’s a bit too far for a taxi.

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“I spotted the address this morning at breakfast and was just working out where it was when the wife got in there before me and said ‘bagsy not driving!’.

“I couldn’t believe it, I was half asleep, so I didn’t have time to react. I’m fuming. She had already had a coffee and was on it like a flash.

“I’m just hoping she will forget and I can re-bagsy it closer to the time.

“But, like I said. She’s played an absolute blinder. The cow.”

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