Black History Month kicks off with the now traditional ‘wailing of the c*nts’

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Black History Month has officially begun across North America with the ritual social media harping of predictable fuckwits making tedious comments as to not having a month for other ethnic groups or how Britain abolished slavery.

Simon Williams, a joyless knobhead who regularly tweets support for Donald Trump despite never having left Lutterworth, was one of many to join the yearly chorus of increasingly unsubtle racist comments that mark the beginning of Black History Month, even though it doesn’t reach the UK until October.

He explained, “This year was a bit of a pickle as the Brexit anniversary fell on the same day and we wanted to make sure we were fully involved in celebtrating that. There was nothing official really but we sort of all agreed to wait for Tuesday before we could take to social media and claim that there is no racism anymore because of Wilberforce.

“It’s a big event in our calendar, so a lot of us were unsure if this was the right thing to do. It also came at a time of transition as we want to move away from bitching about how kids should learn about Florence Nightingale and go towards calling any awareness of Britain’s failures ‘woke brainwashing.’ But better late than never.”

Mr Williams maintained that he fully understood the importance of him and his fellow bellends in kicking off the annual celebration of BAME contributions in the nation’s past.

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“BHM is a big part of the calendar for attention-seeking alt-right trolls like myself. I will never fail to tarnish a perfectly good initiative in the study of history by desperately trying to shift the focus on my tribe of incel malcontents.

“Debate me!”