Man left red-faced during 20-minute queue for Costa Coffee drive-thru after realising he owns kettle at home

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A man has been left red-faced today after queuing for twenty minutes at a Costa Coffee drive-through, before suddenly realising that he actually owns a kettle at home.

Simon Williams – who also drove 15 minutes to get to the drive-through – realised his embarrassing error just as he was about to pay for the drinks with a crisp £20 note.

Speaking earlier, he told us, “So embarrassing, I feel like a right idiot to be honest with you.

“I got up this morning and just really fancied a nice cup of coffee, you know, to wake me up.

“So I got in my car and drove for fifteen minutes to an industrial estate where I know there is a drive-through Costa, and then I sat there in the queue waiting for my turn.

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“There were loads of other people with exactly the same idea, and the car park was also full of people just sat there, drinking a coffee in their car.

“It was only when I got near the front of the queue I remembered, I’ve got a bleeding kettle at home!

“And some coffee too, some really nice stuff because I like my coffee. I could have just had one there.

“What a total idiot. I can’t believe I did it. SO embarrassing.

“I was going to tell everyone else in the queue just in case some of them forgot they had kettles as well, but I just thought, nah, nobody’s that daft, it’s probably just me, so I went home.”