Woman who deletes over half her Facebook comments still planning to get a tattoo

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A woman who has second thoughts and deletes more than half the things she posts to Facebook is still going to get a tattoo, she has confirmed.

Simone Williams, 28, is intending to get an intricate mix of baroque scrollwork and heavy copperplate script down one arm, and is confident she will love it forever.

The text will say “If you can’t handle me at my worst…”, which coincidentally is a Facebook status she has posted and deleted again five times in the last month.

She explained, “I’ve changed my mind about the type of tattoo I want three times since Christmas, but now I’m absolutely convinced this is what I want. Inked into my skin. To be there forever.

“I see no circumstances in which this proves to be a foolish move.”

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Friends of Simone have shrugged at her latest plan, but admitted it will make her next birthday present much easier to buy.

As one told us, “Laser tattoo removal vouchers are available online these days. Easy.”