Football fans left torn as team everyone hates gets dodgy VAR decision against team everyone despises

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After Manchester United beat Manchester City 2-1 with the help of a dubious VAR-related offside incident, football fans everywhere have been left torn on how to feel about it.

Manchester United scored to bring themselves level despite Marcus Rashford being in an offside position, running with the ball, but not actually touching it.

Football fan Simon Williams, told us, “I won’t tell you who I support because then my opinion will be immediately dismissed by 99% of the readers of this article. But it’s neither of the teams who played in this game.

“I think it’s terrible that the goal stood. I think it’s a perfect and disgusting example of the sort of awful dodgy goal that only gets given for Manchester United, at Old Traffird.

“But at the same time, the goal was given against Manchester City, whose owners have ruined the people’s game by buying success with dodgy oil money, so I also think it’s brilliant that the goal was given.

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“If it had been scored in a match between Crystal Palace and Leicester I think we all know how we’d feel about it, but it wasn’t, so I’m torn.”

VAR officials have refused to discuss the incident, but admitted that the current protocol dictates that after reviewing all angles of the incident, the VAR team must then look at the stadium they are in and the team that would benefit before making their ruling.