James Hewitt’s my dad – There I said it

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Prince Harry has dramatically claimed that James Hewitt is his dad today, and that the Royal family have the cure for cancer. 

With Harry now running out of sensational revelations to announce ahead of the release of his memoirs, a further paragraph hastily written in pen at the back of the book to try to sell more copies has revealed that Harry’s father is, in fact, James Hewitt. Obviously. 

Speaking earlier in another interview with another person in America, Harry confirmed, “Well, he could be anyway, I’m not entirely sure.

“We just look REALLY similar, and I look nothing like my brother, who I hate anyway because he got me in a headlock once.

“So I think James Hewitt is my real dad, because people had said it on the Internet for years, and that the Royal family have the cure for cancer, and stuff like that. 

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“I just wanted to put it out there in my book as part of a massive reveal which will totally shock the whole world!”

Asked to comment on the latest shocking revelations made by Harry, Royal fan Simon Williams told us, “Well….. duuuuur – tell us something we don’t know.”