Hospital waiting lists reaching seven million people was on the other bus, insists Brexiter

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As the number of people waiting for hospital treatment in England leapt past 7 million for the first time in history, high-profile Brexiters have insisted this was on the other bus.

As chronic underfunding by successive Conservative governments have left the NHS on its knees, some have asked what happened to the NHS we were promised by the Vote Leave campaign.

Derek Williams has been waiting for over a year for a hip operation, and told us, “I clearly remember that video they released before the referendum, it showed a nice old lady getting seen really quickly at the hospital, alongside a video of the same woman waiting for ages because we were still in the EU.

“But now waiting times are worse than ever, and 500 people a week are dying necessarily due to delays in emergency treatment. So I’m sure you can forgive me being a bit confused, right? I mean, we voted leave, and everything has got worse. I don’t understand?”

Brexiter Terrence Walden-Smythe told us, “Yes, I’m sure you’ve forgotten, but ‘running the NHS into the ground’ was actually on the other bus.

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“And sure, there was a video, and it did give the impression that the NHS would be much better if we voted to leave, but I would remind you that the video in question was created by the official Leave campaign – not the government. Just because the government has been run by the same people behind the Vote Leave campaign doesn’t mean they have to be held to those promises.

“Still, it would be a lot worse if we’d stayed in the EU. I have an entirely hallucinated alternate reality I can share with you that proves it.”