‘2023 still pretty shit’ warn Australians

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The year 2023 is still ‘pretty shit’ according to Australians who have now begun bringing in the New Year because they live in the future.

With literally billions of people around the globe desperate to see the back of the year 2022 once and for all later this evening, concerning reports have started to emerge from down under that the year 2023 is, in fact, still quite shit.

Speaking from the future via Skype earlier, local man Shane Williams from Sydney told us, “I’m sorry guys, everything is actually still really shit.

“We were all looking forward to finally saying goodbye to the third worse year on record after 2020 and 2021, and really excited to see what 2023 brings, with all the hope and expectation of a year full of genuine optimism and change, but in fact, it’s just as shit as last year, to be honest.

“Really f**king shite.

“If anything, it might even be a bit worse with the risk of a global nuclear war and Covid still about. Oh and f**king climate change, which is really taking the piss now because nobody seems to care.

“Strewth, the only good thing about the whole sorry state of affairs is that I don’t live in the UK being led by your bumbling idiots, and with all your Brexit shite, and the f**king rain.

“At least I get to sit in the sun drinking stubbies all day while the whole world goes to shit again.

“Anyway, Happy New Year guys. Here’s to 2023, which like I said, is still absolutely shit.”