“So much for the tolerant left” – Kanye CANCELLED just because he gave a little light praise to Hitler

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Cancel culture has gone to yet another extreme after performative artist Kanye West was cancelled by Twitter simply for saying he liked a lot of things Hitler did.

Kanye, who has recently been banned from a number of social media platforms for his antisemitic remarks, was reinstated to Twitter just a few days ago, but has once again been removed in a further sign that free speech is dead.

“Either speech is free, or it is not,” explained Simon Williams, a man on social media who believes he is being ‘silenced’ because he can’t go around being repeatedly awful to people all of the time.

“Kanye being kicked off Twitter just for saying nice things about Hitler is ridiculous. He was saying NICE things about him. He wasn’t being mean. He wasn’t mocking Hitler – he was being COMPLIMENTARY! Since when did a few compliments mean you get cancelled?

“Elon Musk said Twitter was going to be a free speech platform, but clearly he cares more about making sure people’s Twitter feeds aren’t filled with praise for one of the worst genocidal maniacs in history than he does about my right to send abuse to trans women.

“When Twitter fails – as it most certainly will – the historians will write that the moment it went wrong was the moment he decided you can’t say nice things about Hitler.

“Shame on him.”