‘I choose to boo kneeling England players because I’m against the Marxist ideology that literally no one on the pitch is advocating’

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An England fan has today explained that he is choosing to boo England players taking the knee at the World Cup in protest against the Marxist ideology that is being promoted by absolutely no one on the pitch.

Simon Williams, 45, said that he felt it was his duty to boo players when they take the knee, because Marxism is bad and it’s important that people know this.

He went on, “I don’t care that none of the players is advocating Marxism, I mean why would they? They’re all bloody minted! I have simply chosen to ignore their explanation that it’s in support of victims of racism, because, well, ignoring that explanation makes it easier for my simple mind to process the whole thing.

“I just think it’s important to boo because there are some Marxists kneeling in other places, and at other times in history, and so the kneeling here is basically the same thing.

“Yes, I’ve heard the England manager say that kneeling is in support of those suffering racism and that it isn’t a political gesture, and I’ve heard the players saying it’s not a political gesture, and I’ve seen all the press saying it’s not a political gesture, but I have chosen to believe that it is a political gesture because then it’s easier for me to boo.

“I mean, if I acknowledged the kneeling was an anti-racist gesture and nothing else, then I’d look like a right twat for booing, wouldn’t I? So I choose to simply ignore that fact.

“It’s a free country, and I am perfectly entitled to be completely wrong about the reasons for these players kneeling, and if those completely incorrect assumptions on my part then make me incredibly and inexplicably angry, then I am entitled boo as loud as I can.

“It’s important I draw attention to myself this way, because the ire of other people, and their relentless sanctimony as they try to explain why I’m wrong, is literally the only way I achieve an erection these days.”

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