Taylor Swift makes clean sweep of American Music Awards winning in an astonishing 387 categories

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Taylor Swift won a record-breaking 387 awards at the AMAs last night.

As well as Best Artist, Best Album, and Best Video, Swift also won Tidiest Room, Nicest Hair, and Fluffiest Omelette.

“I just want to say that I am thrilled and grateful for this accolade,” she said tearfully, and she accepted the award for Best Carrots.

“I have worked very hard over the years on my carrots, getting the correct varietal and perfect location to grow these carrots and to have them recognised at the AMAs is the thrill of my life.”

The duration of the show was extended to 18 hours, so there was time for Swift to accept all her awards, but sadly, after making four and a half hours worth of acceptance speeches her voice failed her and when she came to accept the award for Best Re-recording of the  Taylor Swift Album Red, she simply held up a sign that read ‘Humbled’.

By the time she accepted her final award – Nicest Dress Worn to The AMAs – dawn had broken, and many in the audience had been asleep for some hours.

However, everyone agreed that the length of the ceremony was worth it to give Swift all the awards she truly deserved.

“If anything, 387 awards isn’t enough,” said Bruce Springsteen, “if it were me, I’d have given her 388.”