Jude Bellingham arrested by Qatari authorities for hugging another man during England vs Iran World Cup match

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England midfielder Jude Bellingham has been arrested by Qatari officials after being seen hugging another man in violation of the country’s strict rules against homosexuality.

Bellingham was celebrating his goal against Iran, when several other men came over to fondle him with big hugs, before Qatari officials led him away in handcuffs.

A World Cup spokesperson explained, “We have been very clear on the rules during this world cup, and nothing even remotely gay-looking is allowed. And what could be gayer than a number of heavily-sweating well-honed athletic men holding each other tightly and screaming their affection for each other? That definitely falls into the ‘gay’ category.

“Another man was seen smacking the bottom of Bellingham, which we are reliably informed is a very common sign of homosexual affection, though we are waiting for video evidence from VAR before making further arrests.

“We would add that if any goal celebration results in what I believe is called a ‘pile-on’ then we could be looking at capital punishment for those participating in what is essentially a big sweaty bum chain.”

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