Jeremy Hunt made Chancellor… for a bit

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Ex-Health Secretary Jeremy Hun has been made Chancellor of the Exchequer for a bit. At least a fortnight, maybe even a month.

He was appointed after Kwasi Kwarteng stood aside, was sacked, and then resigned from the post.

“It is a tremendous honour for me to be made Chancellor for a bit,” said Mr Hunt after his appointment was confirmed.

“I will endeavour to serve this government and this country until some other catastrophe happens and the prime minister needs to pitch someone overboard so she can desperately cling to power for a few more days.

“I mean, I’ll probably make some noise about growth and economics and that, but I’m not making any long-term plans. You know, if I can do something that takes a week or so, then I’ll give it a go, otherwise, I’ll probably leave it.”

Tory voters seemed pleased with the appointment.

“I’m glad we’ve got an experienced firm hand on the tiller for a month or so,” said Simon Williams, a Tory Party member and part-time racist from Oswestry.

“This is exactly what we need until it becomes apparent that it isn’t, and that we need something a bit different.”

It is expected that Nadhim Zahawi is being lined up to replace Mr Hunt when his position becomes untenable, then Grant Shapps because he’s got no shame, then Nadine Dorries, because by then, who cares? Then they might give a hot young firebrand fiscal radical by the name of Kwasi Kwarteng a go.